Silver Lining Catering Ltd
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We have listed a few examples of our fabulous menus below, but would advise you that all our menus are completely tailored to you, once we have established your requirements.

Silver Lining Catering will work with you to the best of our ability to meet your budget and provide you with what menu you really want.

Please click on the links below to see more detailed information about each menu.

Dinner menu 1

Thick Country Vegetable Soup served with Golden Croutons and a Warm Bread Roll


Pan Seared Supreme of Chicken served in a Sauce of Wild Mushrooms in a Fresh Diary Cream flavoured with Armagnac Roasted Potatoes

A Medley of Fresh Market Vegetables


Individual Cointreau Cheesecake on a Seville Orange Coulis with Dusted Fruits

Kenyan Blend Coffee

Dinner menu 2

Wild Boar Pate on a Bed of Rocket with Melba Toast and a Pool of Juniper Berries


Roast Rib of Scottish Beef carved in the Room by Our Executive Head Chef and served with Horseradish Tartlets & Yorkshire Pudding with Olde English Gravy

Traditional Roast Potatoes cooked in Meat Juices
A Medley of Farm Fresh Vegetables in Cornish Butter


Bread & Butter Pudding with Mixed Fruits and Fresh Diary Pouring Cream

Fresh Coffee & Teas with Handmade Mints

Dinner menu 3

A Light Soup of Moroccan Chickpea & Spinach with a Warmed Mediterranean Bread Roll


Poached Breast of Cheshire Chicken in a Champagne & Pink Peppercorn Sauce

Baby New Potatoes in Parsley Butter
Green Beans Wrapped in Bacon
Baby Leeks Gently Fried in Butter


Pudding of Autumnal Fruits Presented on its own Fruit Juices With Whipped Cream


Platter of Traditional English Cheese served with Spicy Apple Chutney, Black Grapes, Celery and Water Biscuits


Brazilian Coffee & English Breakfast Blend Tea

Dinner menu 4

Ripened Crown of Ogen Melon Filled with Autumnal Fruits in a Port Sauce


Roast Sirloin of Scottish Beef Served with Horseradish Vol Au Vents and a Traditional Roast Gravy

Roasted Potatoes
Farmers Basket of Locally Produced Vegetables with Baby Red Bell Peppers


Raspberry Japonais with Fresh Cream and a Coulis of Ripened Berries

Fresh Teas & Coffees with Handmade Mints

Dinner menu 5

Delicately Spiced Carrot & Coriander Soup dusted with Cracked Black Pepper


Plump Cheshire Chicken Breast stuffed with a Light Asparagus Mousse and finished in an Asparagus & Chablis Cream Sauce

Roasted Barrel Potatoes
Fine Kenyan Green Beans
Locally Produced Baton Carrots


A Trio of Strawberry Shortbread with a filling of Strawberry Cream and set on a Pool of Fresh Diary Cream

After Dinner Mints

Dinner menu 6

Roasted Red Pepper soup with Sun- Dried Tomatoes and Golden Sippets


Seared Steak of Clwyd Lamb served with a Red Currant & Port Jus With Barrel Roast Potatoes

A Cornucopia of Market Fresh Baby Vegetables in Herb Butter


Dark chocolate Indulgence set on a Coulis of Luxury White Chocolate with Dipped Strawberries

Italian Blend Coffee & Mints

Buffet menu 1

Korhais of finest Indian Chicken Balti served with Pilau Rice and Naan Bread

Platters of freshly made sandwiches on wholemeal and granary bread

A selection of Chef’s Salads to include English Garden Salad and Rough Cut Coleslaw

Platters of Roast Chicken Drumsticks with Hickory Barbecue Sauce

An Indian Platter of Bhajis and Samosas

Home-made Lattice baked Sausage Rolls

Buffet menu 2

Tortilla Wraps with fillings of Mexican Chicken, Tuna with Peppers & Mature Cheddar with Tomato Salsa

Twisted Pasta with cool Napolese Tomato Sauce flavoured with Basil

Traditional Lancashire recipe Hot Pot served with Red Cabbage and Crusty Loaf

A Platter of Cold Sliced Norfolk Turkey Breast served with Pots of Cranberry Sauce

Melton Mowbray Pork Pies served with Branston Pickle

A trio of Chef’s Salads to include Potato Salad flavoured with Djon, Coleslaw with Sultanas and Tomato & Onion with Basil

Buffet menu 3

A range of Freshly Made Sandwiches with fillings of Roast Beef, Italian Chicken and Mature Cheddar with Onion

Chicken Rogan Josh with Pilau Rice

A selection of Royal Thai Dimsum served with a Plum Sauce

Quiches of Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables and Stilton & Broccoli

Hand Cut Coleslaw with Strawberries

Potato Salad flavoured with Wholegrain Mustard
Traditional English Garden Salad

Succulent Strips of Chicken coated in spiced breadcrumbs with a Barbecue Sauce

Goujons of Carrot Combined with Coriander

A selection of Chef’s Gateaux with Fresh Cream

Buffet menu 4

Platters of Open Rolls with Toppings of Tuna & Mayonnaise, Stilton & Black Grapes, Salami & Cream Cheese and Honey Baked Ham

Sliced Prime Sirloin of Beef marinated in a Sweet Yakitori Sauce

An Indian Selection of Bhajis, Samosas and Pakoras presented with a Raiita Dipping Sauce

Tureens of Traditional Boiled Bacon Ribs served on a Bed of Cabbage Greens

Bowls of Creamy Colcannon & Butter Beans to compliment the ribs

A medium spiced Indian Curry served with Pilau Rice and Poppadoms and pots of Mango Chutney

A Selection of Chefs Hand Cut sandwiches to include:

New Potato Salad flavoured with a hint of Dijon Mustard
A Greek salad of Tomatoes, Onions, Feta, Cheese and Black Olives
Tricolour pasta Salad Tossed in Green Pesto
Rice Salad mixed with Chopped Capsicums

A Selection of English Cheese to include Shropshire Blue, Mature Somerset Cheddar, Farmhouse Lancashire and a Mature Huntsman served with Burned Apple Chutney, Black Grapes, Celery and Carrs Water Biscuits

Barbeque menu 1

Chicago Style Char Grilled Beef Patties

Prime Pork Ribs

Corn Fed Chicken Quarters doused in Southern Spices

New York’s Finest Hot Dogs in a Subbie Roll

Quorn style Burgers with a hint of Indian Spices

Whole Corn on the Cob

Louisiana Marinade Onions

Bowls of Hand cut salads to include:

Potato Salad flavoured with Wholegrain Mustard
Warm Cous Cous with Peppers and Moroccan Spices
Italian Bitter Leaf Salad with Vine ripened Plum Tomatoes

To be accompanied by;
Seasoned Tomato Relish
American Style Mustard
Heinz Ketchup
Thick Set Mayonnaise

Barbeque menu 2

Strips of Lean Sirloin marinated in a Terryaki Sauce

Cajun Style Chicken Breast dripping in Southern Spices

Prime Cumberland Sausage Rings

Fresh Clwyd Raised Lamb Cutlets in a Mint Jelly

Strips of Tuna Steak marinated overnight in a Chilli Dipping Sauce

Aubergine stacks with a Beef Tomato and Grilled Peppers

Bowls of Hot baby Anya Potatoes cooked in their skins and smothered in Tarragon Butter

Bowls of Hand cut Salad to include:

Rough Cut Coleslaw with Candied Fruit
Twisted Pasta Salad in a Sun Dried Tomato & Garlic Dressing
Red Chard and Rocket infused with a Honey Dressing Topped with
Cherry Tomatoes
Traditional Greek Style Feta Salad

Barbeque menu 3

Prime Rib Eye Steak cooked to your liking

Marinated King Prawns served on Skewers

Seafood Parcels to include Baked Monkfish & Swordfish finished with a Mediterranean Seafood sauce

Norfolk Raised Pork Chops in a Mustard Sauce

Goujons of Chicken Breast in a Tandori Marinade

Goats Cheese with Sun dried Tomatoes and Ripe Capsicums

An Authentic Recipe Ratatouille finished in Basil

Bowls of Chefs Salads to include:

Cous Cous with Wild Mushrooms
Rocket Baby Spinach Leaves tossed in Balsemic and Rock Salt
Tomato and Onion Salad in a Lime & Ginger Dressing
Pasta Shells tossed in Green Pesto

A mirrored display of desserts centred around a Pyramid of Strawberries
Death by Chocolate Gateau
Deep Baked Lattice Apple Pie
Lemon Lush Pie with Lashings of Fresh Cream
Rich Raspberry Indulgence
Garnished with Profiteroles

Canape menu

Honeyed Chippolata Sausages served Hot

Croustade with Fillings of Savoury Cheese & Smoked Ham

Mini Yorkshire Puddings filled with Roast Beef & Horse Radish

Vegetable Crudites with a Garlic Mayonnaise Dip

Royal Thai Dim Sum with a Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce

Cocktail Vol au Vents filled with Prawns Marie Rose

Pin Wheel Sandwiches with York Ham & Dijon Mustard

Chicken Sate in a Yakitori Sauce

Smoked Salmon with a Dill Mousse

Mini Bangers & Mash Tartlets

Goujons of Plaice with Tarragon Mayonnaise

Carvery menu

Please choose one of the following starters...

Warmed Goat’s Cheese with Sun-Dried Tomato on Focaccia served on a Bed of Red Chard and Drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar


Roasted Vegetable Broth served with a Warmed Bread Roll and finished with a Swirl of Cream


Crown of Ogen Melon filled with Autumnal Fruits doused in Tawny Port


From the Hot Carvery

Prime Rib of Scottish Beef served with Yorkshire Pudding and Horseradish Tartelets

Norfolk Pork Carved on the Bone served with Apricot and Sage Stuffing, Crackling and Lashings of Apple Sauce


Fresh Crown of Turkey Roasted with Oranges and served with Pots of Fresh Cranberry Sauce

Carved Vegetable Wellington served with a Port and Redcurrant Sauce

All served with a selection of New Season Vegetables and Roasted Barrel Potatoes

Carved Cold

Blackened Ham served with a Preserve of Kumquats

Dee Caught Wild Salmon Poached in a Chablis Bouillion and presented with a full Seafood Compliment

All served with Bowls of Chef’s Handcut Salads to include:

Tomato and Red Onion with Pesto
Cous Cous with Morrocan Spices
Traditional English Garden Salad


And Finally

Individual Caramel & Ameretto delice with fresh Cream

Three Layered Strawberry Shortbread filled with Fresh Cream


Fruits of the Forest Cheesecake on a Raspberry Coulis

Tea & Coffee with After Dinner Mints

Christmas carvery menu

To Start...

A Rich liaison of Potato and Leeks combined to make a warming broth served with a Hot Bread Roll


Salmon Jardiniere
A delicate smoked salmon Mousse served on Bitter leaves with a Sweet Chilli Drizzle

From the Carvery...

Prime Roast Norfolk Turkey served with Pigs in Blankets and a Horsechestnut Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce

Roast Striploin of English Beef served with the lightest Yorkshire Puddings and Horse Radish Vol au Vents

Traditional Marmalade Encrusted Blackened Ham Carved Straight from the Bone

Individual Parcels of Mediterranean Vegetables cooked in a Sun Dried Tomato and Red Wine Sauce

To be Accompanied by...

Roasted Potatoes
Roasted Parsnips
A Cornucopia of Fresh Market Vegetables
A traditional roast English Gravy
A Trio of Chef’s Salads to include Couscous with Roasted Peppers, Twisted Pasta with Red Pesto and Bitter Leaves tossed with grated Almond

For Dessert...

Chocolate Yuletide Log with Fresh Cream
Mincemeat and Almond Tart with Brandy Sauce
Death By Chocolate Gateau
Polynesian Fresh Fruit Salad
A Traditional English Cheeseboard with Miller Damson Biscuits and Roasted Onion Chutney

To finish...

Italian Blended Coffee
Warmed Mince Pies with Brandy butter